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What to see in Ushuaia —
4 places to visit

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4 places to visit in Ushuaia

#0Beagle ChannelBeagle Channel

The strait that is 240 kilometers long and 5-13 kilometers wide is placed in Tierra del Fuego Province and divides coasts of Chile and Argentina. Chilean coast is known for the alley of five glaciers you can come up in a cruise ship.

#0Tierra del Fuego National ParkTierra del Fuego National Park

The southernmost national park of the planet is located 11 kilometers from Ushuaia city. It is open daily from 10am till 5pm, entrance ticket is 140 pesos.

#0Les Eclaireurs LighthouseLes Eclaireurs Lighthouse

The lighthouse stands on the northeasternmost island of the five Les Eclaireurs islands. It started functioning in 1920 and continuous till present days. The lighthouse is closed for visiting.

#0Estancia HarbertonEstancia Harberton

A historic family-owned ranch is located 85 kilometers eastward of the city. It is a historical site, but still there are 1000 horned cattle. Buses from Ushuaia run here from October till April.

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