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Explore Glacier Alleyin Ushuaia, Argentina

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While cruising around Patagonian fjords the ship comes up to each of 5 glaciers in Beagle Channel.
How to explore Glacier Alley in Ushuaia
Glacier Alley is a row of glaciers in Beagle Channel on the slopes of the Darwin Mountains - each of them is named after one European country: Holanda, Italia, Francia, Alemania and Romanche.

You can get to the glacier's shore by motor boat, Ushuaia
Photo: You can get to the glacier's shore by motor boat

How to do?

1. Glacier Alley is the best seen from water. Cruise ships leave for tours that can last 3 hours or 5 days every day from Ushuaia and Punta Arenas ports.

2. Cruise during which you can come ashore, see seals lying on Patagonian fjords, enjoy the nature of Beagle Channel and sail to the Strait of Magellan lasts 3-4 days and costs from $1400. Find out about the availability of tickets in the port or on the website of any cruise operator, say here.

There are seals and penguins greeting you from the channel's shore, Ushuaia
Photo: Seals and penguins greet you from the channel's shore

Where to do?

#0Beagle ChannelBeagle Channel

The strait that is 240 kilometers long and 5-13 kilometers wide is placed in Tierra del Fuego Province and divides coasts of Chile and Argentina. Chilean coast is known for the alley of five glaciers you can come up in a cruise ship.


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