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Try Karak tea in Dubai

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Try Karak tea

Ten cups of tea a day - that's what the favorite drink means for the Arabs. Karak is a strong black tea with sugar, milk, cardamom and, the king of all spices, saffron. This tea has a pleasant taste and an excellent flavor. Enjoy traditional Bedouin tea in special tea cafeterias located in the Jumeirah Street. This pleasure costs about two dirhams.

The absence of any contraindications allows each everyone to drink Karak tea. Some gourmets, beyond the traditional spice, spice the tea with ginger and cinnamon.

This drink is related to the occurrence of congestion on highways and sidewalks. As every third Emirate citizen, while going to work, certainly drops into the tea shop, the windows of which are directed right on the roadway or on the sidewalk.

Arabs have a belief, supposedly each person who has drunk Karak will be successful in business and all his dreams come true. This magical drink is really worth a try. Maybe your wishes come true as well?

Prices: about two dirhams.


Guest27 March 2017

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