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Walk through Tunnel of Lovein Rovno, Ukraine

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Nature-made green corridor in Western Ukraine is called Tunnel of Love. Lots of newlyweds come here to take romantic pics.
How to walk through Tunnel of Love in Rovno
In Rivne oblast nature made one more miracle – it turned simple railway into magic green corridor Tunnel of Love.

The name and the creation of the nature itself near Klevan made railway tunnel popular – courting couples like strolling through green arch of trees and photographers try their best to take perfect shots of Tunnel of Love in Ukraine.

How to do?

1. Take train №97 Kyiv – Klevan. The way takes 7 hours, ticket price starts from 105 hryvnias. Tunnel of Love is 400 meters from Klevan railway station. To get to the place from Rive, take a bus heading to Klevan at Rivne central bus station; they run at 15 minute intervals. Ticket costs 15 hryvnias, the way takes 30 minutes.

2. Natural tunnel goes along Klevan – Orzhiv railway. Gasoline locomotives used to take this way, but dense tree planting transformed into tunnel and became beautiful attraction.

Previously, a train went through the Tunnel of Love, Rovno

3. Walk through Tunnel of Love and make a wish – they say the place keeps love atmosphere.

Klevan, The Tunnel of Love, Rovno

When to do?

Tunnel of Love is majestic all around the year, but the best shots are made in summer.

Tips and hints

Come here at week days, as at weekends the place is quite crowded.

Klevan, The Tunnel of Love is a famous place even at autumn, Rovno
Photo: Klevan, The Tunnel of Love is a famous place even at autumn, © Oleh Totskiy


Guest22 July 2024
Photo credit © Tho Tran