Ride on the roof of the metro train in Kiev

Make the most crazy act of your life - ride on the roof of the metro train in Kiev!


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Ride on the roof of the metro train

#5 of 8 things to do in Kiev
If you really want to do something crazy, dangerous and exciting, then you should go for a ride on the roof of the metro train in Kiev.

You need to get to "Dnipro" metro station, go out and get into the station canopy, which is directly above the train cars. Wait for the train to stop, and jump onto the roof. Make sure you are standing steady on your feet. As soon as the movement begins, wait a minute on the spot to get used to its speed, and then you can run across the roof, and even jump from one railway carriage to another.

If you dont want to be in tunnel, you should jump off the train at the station "Gidropark", climb over the fence and go away to a nearby street.

Tips and hints: Oddviser can't recommend you to make such a trip, it can be very dangerous. But if you still decide to do it, then take a GoPro with you and become a YouTube celebrity :)

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Guest26 April 2017
Guest14 August 2016Только идиоты могут такое посоветовать молодежи!!! Это же верная смерть! Люди, опомнитесь, ведь уже известна масса случаев гибели ребят!

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