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Two-days tour (Chernobyl + Pripyat) from Kiev 

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A unique opportunity to stroll along this empty, but not forgotten place. The main objects: an amusement park with a ferris wheel, abandoned cars, and other carousels, which were never destined to please children; pool azure; the central part of the city; medical unit in which the first victims of the explosion were taken on 26 April 1986; the building of the City Executive Committee, as well as the Polesie Hotel, Secondary School No.1, the embankment, and other places with a detailed story about them from the professional guide.

Only for citizens over 18 years old.

Day one

Group gathers near Kiev railway station at Simona Petlyura Street, 28 (parking house of the "Stolichny" house near the railway station). We pass registration and check documents.

Leaving Kiev and riding to Chernobyl exclusion zone. Guide will inform you about the rules of radiation safety. We will watch specially prepared video materials about chernobyl disaster in 1986.

Chernobyl nuclear power plant shortly after the disaster
Photo: Chernobyl nuclear power plant shortly after the disaster

Arrival at the checkpoint ″Dityatki″, going through the passport check, listening the information from the local guide, who will accompany us on our way. We drive into the 30 kilometer exclusion zone.

Photo: Checkpoint "Dityatki", © Alexander

Chernobyl. Here we will visit museum, Elias church, park of Glory, river port, memorial ″those who saved the world″ and other interesting places.

Elias church
Photo: Elias church

We are moving in the direction of tragedy′s epicenter. You can see abandoned villages, memorial ″to the heroes of chernobyl″. Then we bypass channel, where you can feed giant catfish.

Feeding bread to massive catfish in the Chernobyl cooling pond
Photo: Feeding bread to massive catfish in the Chernobyl cooling pond, © Jonathan Wolfson

Reactor No 4. You will see a new confinement and get to know some aspects of complex engineering solutions about transformation the ″shelter″ into ecologically safe one. You will have the opportunity to talk with plant employees.

New sarcophagus
Photo: New sarcophagus

Then we move to abandoned village Zalessie. Until 1986 this village was one of the most populated in the zone. Here lived more than two thousand people. Empty houses, schools, shops are still waiting for people.

Kopachi village
Photo: Kopachi village

Next stop is village Kopachi. It is 4 kilometers from Chernobyl. This village was developing rapidly in 1986 but after the Chernobyl accident it was damaged by radiation and buried under the ground. Monument dedicated to soldiers of WWII, kindergarten and machine-tractor station are still opened for tourists.

″Black pearl″ of the Chernobyl exclusion zone is the Pripyat city. You will have the opportunity to walk along this empty but not forgotten city.

Now you will see the exhibition of equipment that was used in liquidation of the chernobyl accident.

Having supper and hotel registration. Do not be worried - the radiation level here in the same as in the capital.

Day two

Day two has no time limits; the program is discussed with the group members.

Eco and hearty breakfast of fresh products.
Then we again go to the abandoned, but not forgotten city of Pripyat and our tour continues. We will visit places where people do not go on one-day tours. The most hidden corners of the city, which you will not be able to see anywhere and with anyone.

After the city of Pripyat, we will again visit the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, as well as unfinished cooling towers of the third stage of the station. We will leave for the abandoned village of Paryshev. We will visit the not open for tourists, until recently secret object Chernobyl-2 with the abandoned over-the-horizon radar station Duga.

Secret Duga radar
Photo: Secret Duga radar, © merlin

We share our impressions, listen to interesting stories and answers to the remaining questions, after we gather in the comfortable transport and leave the exclusion zone.

Only for citizens over 18 years old.

This tour program can be changed due to the length of daylight hours, weather conditions, and directions of the CEZ administration.

Have questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time!

Meeting point on the map

Kiev, Simona Petlyura Street, 28 (parking house of the "Stolichny" house near the railway station).
Languages: English Russian
Duration: two-days tour
Included: transport support, a full package of documents allowing visits to the exclusion zone, permission for photo / video shooting and guide services.
Not included: insurance (directly to CEZ) – 200 UAH, lunch (optional) – 215 UAH.
Tour schedule: daily, but you need to book at least 5-7 days before the excursion.
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Guest16 June 2019
Guest09 January 20191)
Guest09 January 20191
Guest09 January 20191
Guest09 January 20191"'`--
Guest09 January 20191
Guest05 January 20191
Guest05 January 20191
Guest05 January 20191
Guest05 January 20191)
Guest05 January 20191"'`--
Elsa11 July 2017It was really interesting. Our guide is a local one, so he new like everything about this place and he showed
us all the hidden places and we fed the mutant catfishes and we saw the famous ferris wheel and the nuclear plant.
The most exiting trip in my life!
Guest11 July 2017Well, what can I say. It's kinda creepy, I got the feeling that I am in a movie about the apocalypse and any
minute now a zombie is going to jump out from the next corner. Just unforgettable emotions.

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