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Cuisine Adventure 

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Tour organiser Vlad KapichinSafe


Vlad Kapichin | Official website
Professional guide in Phuket.
If you haven't tasted national Thai dishes and exotic fruits, you learned nothing about this country.

It's a time to go off on a gastronomic journey, where an experienced guide will reveal you some culinary secrets. You will try out the true Thai gastronomic miracle — a ruby dessert, fried ice cream and Roti pancakes. You will learn how to choose the Yadong liqueur, which you can bring to your friends as a souvenir. Also, you will visit the night market where you could try fresh sugar cane, tasty fried insects, and learn how to choose the most delicious exotic fruits: sapodilla, durian, mangosteen.

This tour will allow you to save time in search for such Thai exotics. Also the experienced guide will teach you a few gastronomic lessons and pick up the perfect time and place for each adventure.

The cost of such a trip is 1000 Baht per person, excluding transportation and cost of purchased products. There is a 50% discount. This option is perfect if you have your own rented bike, or you go alone (then guide will take you on his bike). In case of the sufficient number of participants, the guide can rent a minivan that will cost 2,000 Baht for 5 hours.
Duration: 5 hours


Guest20 May 2024