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Look into the Sahara's eyein Nouakchott, Mauritania

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Richat Structure in Mauritanian part is called the Eye of the Sahara - from a bird's eye view it resembles a human eye.
How to look into the Sahara's eye in Nouakchott
Circular Richat Structure formed for 500-600 million years due to erosion. The diameter of the upper circle is 50 kilometers.

The Eye of the Sahara serves as an orienting point for astronauts, the best shots of the structure were taken from the space.

NASA shot of Sahara Eye, Nouakchott
Photo: NASA shot of Sahara Eye

How to do?

1. The Eye of the Sahara is located in Mauritanian part of the Sahara desert - 40 kilometers northeastward from Ouadane village and 200 kilometers from touristic village Atar. You can take an arranged excursion to the Richat Structure from Atar, also here you'll find hotels and cafes.

2. You can rent a 4WD at the airport of Nouakchott and reach the Eye of the Sahara on your own (from €120 per 24 hours). The way takes about 5 hours northwestward along main highway N1 to Atar where you can stay for overnight or have some meal. Then another one hour to the Richat Structure.

Where to do?

#1Richat StructureRichat Structure

Geological structure that is 50 kilometers in diameter formed for 500 million years. It is located in Mauritanian part of the Sahara desert. From the space the Richat Structure resembles an eye.

How much?

Rent of a 4WD at Nouakchott Airport is from €120 per 24 hours.


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