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Snorkel with whale sharksin Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Dive into the Indian Ocean and experience firsthand one of the most exciting adventures on the planet — snorkeling with the whale shark.
How to snorkel with whale sharks in Ari Atoll
One of the most exciting activities in the Maldives is snorkeling with whale sharks. By itself, snorkeling is an accessible entertainment even to those who are not good at swimming. Well, if you have a chance to touch sharks, especially the tiger shark, it is altogether a huge success.

The whale shark is considered the largest fish of the planet; some specimen can reach twenty meters in length. It is not dangerous for people, in contrast to its "sister" – the white shark. The whale shark feeds on plankton, filtering it through branchial clefts. You can meet the fish at different places in certain seasons, as the shark is constantly migrating in search of abundant plankton.

The whale shark is considered an endangered species, so in some protected zones it is forbidden to approach these amazing fish. But at the resorts of Ari Atoll snorkeling with the whale shark is a must-do activity in the entertainment program.

Due to their size and the habit of swimming at the water surface, the shark is easy to spot. And as soon as the target is detected, you can put on your mask and dive. Sometimes the fish allows even patting it. But when the shark is tired of the curious society of snorkelers, it swims down into the depth. Then, people begin looking for the next shark.


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