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See starlings murmuration in Beersheba

See an incredible natural phenomenon — huge flocks of starlings performing a spectacular sky show, called murmuration.


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See starlings murmuration

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This incredible natural phenomenon takes place in November in several countries: Israel, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Scotland, Romania and others. A murmuration of starlings is a kind of a bird dance, transforming smoothly into a spectacular sky show.

Railings gather in huge flocks, creating intricate patterns in the sky and performing aerial stunts. The speed of flight of a starling often reaches 40 kilometers per hour, with the birds somehow managing to avoid colliding with one another. The explanation for this phenomenon is still unclear. However, scientists tend to believe that starlings behave in this peculiar way to gather all the necessary information about the environment.

A murmuration of starlings is such a stunning phenomenon, that both locals and tourists watch it with a true delight. For example, in the Netherlands, the onlookers take their places and watch a murmuration as if it were a performance of a pop star.

You can easily join the audience in one of the above-mentioned countries, especially taking into account that starlings don't charge you for their public performance.


Guest26 July 2017
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