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See the fish rainin Yoro, Honduras

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a superman, wait, its just fish falling from the sky! No, it's not a sign from haven - it's your lunch today :)
How to see the fish rain in Yoro
Did the fish fall directly on the head? Do not be surprised, you'll think, because fish rain in Honduras is a common phenomenon :) It can be explained quite simply, a strong wind or often a whirlwind raises fish from the Atlantic and carries it right here. However, the local believe that this is due to Saint Jose Sibiran, who, seeing the starving in the streets of the city, prayed to God for a miracle and received an answer in a direct understanding from above.

How to do?

1. Go to the Yoro department in Honduras and wait for the "apocalypse".
2. It is better to hide under a canopy, so as not to be slaplet with a fish tail on your face and just wait until your dinner falls directly to your feet.

When to do?

In the period from May to July, unfortunately, the exact date can not be determined, but if you are lucky, your gonna see this incredible phenomenon.


Guest19 May 2024