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Visit Festival d'Avignonв Авиньоне, France

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At the time of the festival Avignon turns into a continuous theatrical stage, where the famous actors and young amateurs perform.
How to visit Festival d'Avignon в Авиньоне
All the theatrical bohemians in Europe are aware where Avignon is located and when it should be necessary visited.

Every July, the Festival d'Avignon, founded by the French director Jean Vilar, is held here. More than 20 corpses from all over the world bring their premieres to the Avignon Festival. A novice actors are given the opportunity to light up in front of famous directors.

How to do?

1. Avignon is most likely to be reached by train from Paris (3 hours).
2. Performances in the city are held everywhere, but the main scene is the courtyard of the Papal Palace (the former papal residence). Follow the program of the festival at the site . Or find out about the forthcoming performance from the flyer, that you may get at every corner.
3. In addition to the main program, pop into the Festival du Off to but some souvenirs on the theme of art and to see how modern theater is seen by street amators.
4. Somewhere on the 25th performance, you will agree with Shakespeare that the whole world is a theater, and people are actors in it.

When to do?

In 2017 - from 6 to 26 of July.

How much?

Admission for chargable performance -
from €10


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