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Go hunting crabsin Umm al-Quwain, United Arab Emirates

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Try yourself in the role of a crab hunter - a night adventure promises to bring a lot of impressions and a decent catch.
How to go hunting crabs in Umm al-Quwain
Be sure to try hunting for & nbsp; crabs & nbsp; & mdash; An unusual night activity will present a new experience and bright impressions. To hunt for crabs you will need a powerful waterproof flashlight, a capacity for catch and a spear (spear or trident). We also advise to grab a windbreaker (not to freeze) and shoes (so as not to get hurt, stepping on the sea urchin).

The best region for independent crab hunting in the Emirates is Umm al-Kayvain. There are plenty of crabs here - with the onset of darkness, arm yourself with a spear, search for small bays and "shallows," highlight the bottom with a lantern and try not to scare the prey. Under water, crabs seem to be bigger than they are, they are easily frightened and move fast, so baiting them is not easy, but the reward will be an excellent dinner :-)

How much?

If & nbsp; you & nbsp; not a fan of free self-guided trips, you can go on & nbsp; crab hunting in & nbsp; tour composition. Such an event will cost about 240 dirhams (≈ $ 65) per person.


Guest25 July 2024
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