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Al Mamzar Park in Dubai

Sunbathing, swimming, lounging by the pool, playing football or cooking barbecue — Al Mamzar Park is a perfect place to relax.


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Al Mamzar Park

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An amazing green island in the middle of the desert, Al Mamzar Park is located on the peninsula and focused on family rest and active beach activities. It has well-equipped beaches with all the necessary facilities: locker rooms, showers, umbrellas, sun loungers, and equipment for water sports. It also has rescue services. In addition, the park has swimming pools for adults and children with separate areas for kids. Party people will appreciate the local bars and disco; gourmets will enjoy local restaurants.

If beach recreation is not a priority, one can walk around the park with playgrounds and slides or practice sports at the skateboarding and roller-skating ground, play football, basketball, volleyball on specially equipped fields.

For passive leisure, Al Mamzar Park offers barbecue grills, tables and chairs, rent of small bungalows near the beach. There is a children's railway and playgrounds for kids. Visitors can buy souvenirs at stands. Entertaining shows are held on the stage of the local outdoor amphitheater.

Price of visit: approximately $2, parking will cost $8. Swimming pools are paid as well: $3 for adults and $2 for children.

One can get to Al Mamzar Park by taxi, own car or С28 bus from Gold Souq Bus Station. The terminal station of the route is Al Mamzar Park.

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Try water skiing in Dubai
oddviserTry water skiing#52 of 74 things to do in Dubai

Feel the rush, conquer the water element: indulge yourself in water skiing at beautiful and well-equipped Al Mamzar Park.

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Al Mamzar Park on the map

Location: Al Mamzar, Near Century Mall

Open hours

Sunday - Wednesday from 08:00 to 22:00, Thursday - Saturday from 08:00 to 23:00. Exception: Tuesday (women’s day).


Phone: +971 4 296 6201
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Guest27 July 2017

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