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Walk through stone forestin Kunming, China

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The stone forest is considered to be the first wonder of Heaven Dynasty - forming of its landscape lasted for 270 million years.
How to walk through stone forest in Kunming
Stone figures in Shilin National Scenic Area are 40 meters high and their shape resembles humans, animals and Buddhist pagodas.

Stone Forest, Kunming

On the territory there are also green meadows, grottoes and caves, lakes and waterfalls, and also petrified flowers named "Towers holding the sky" and "Singing Stones".

How to do?

1. Shilin National Scenic Area is located 126 kilometers southeastward of Kunming - you can take a scheduled bus running to here from Kunming East Coach Station and Yunnan Kingworld International hotel in Guandu District. Bus fare is about CNY25.

Better to visit a park early morning on weekdays. Here is pretty crowded on the weekends and national holidays, Kunming
Photo:It's better to visit the park early in the morning on weekdays. Here is pretty crowded on weekends and national holidays

2. Around the whole park there are a fer marked itineraries, you'd better follow them to be on the safe side (wild nature is pretty unpredictable). Walking along the main circled itinerary takes about one hour.

walking path in the stone forest, Kunming
Photo: walking path in the stone forest, © Anwar Nillufary

Where to do?

#1Naigu Stone ForestNaigu Stone Forest

It is placed 126 kilometers southeastward of Kunming and occupies an area of 350 square kilometers. Moves of tectonic plates formed the stones themselves and instant water and wind erosion made their shape.

When to do?

The park is open daily from 8am till 6pm. Preferable period for a visit - from March till October.

How much?

Entrance ticket to the park is CNY175.

Tips and hints

There are no food stalls on the territory - take some snack and water with you.


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