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6 things to do in Montreal

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#1Try Montreal smoked meet in MontrealTry Montreal smoked meetAnna Tet

Pork marinated for a week, then smoked and steamed. Serve with white bread and mustard.

CAD 10Schwartz's Gourmet Jewish Montreal store
#2Try grilled beavertail in MontrealTry grilled beavertailLIFEisGOOD

Beavertail is traditionally grilled outdoor. In pubs it serves with beer and for a special occasion. Its taste better than its smell.

CAD 15
#3Try beaver meet steak in MontrealTry beaver meet steakLIFEisGOOD

Beaver meat is the most expensive in Canada. The steaks are served in the shape of the beaver tail.

#4Watch Cirque du soleil in MontrealWatch Cirque du soleilRian Clark

The circus is a native of Montreal, known for its unusual shows on the verge of circus art and street performances.

CAD 47
#5Try Beavertail dessert in MontrealTry Beavertail dessertAnna Tet

The fried dough in the shape of a beaver tail is covered with caramel, bananas and crumbled cookies.

#6Try montreal bagel in MontrealTry montreal bagelRian Clark

They are smaller than their American counterparts, but with a larger hole. Ideally, they are cooked in a wood-burning stove.

CAD 8.75
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