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See luminant plankton on a desert beachin Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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Koh Rong island in Cambodia has no internet, no transport and roads; and electricity here is scheduled.
How to see luminant plankton on a desert beach in Sihanoukville
Getting to the island is possible only by water from Sihanoukville town. On the island you can easily find a hostel or a guesthouse, but not a big hotel. But here you can settle on a deserted beach and set a tent.

Long Set beach, London

The island is surrounded by sky-blue sea with white-sand beach, in the middle of the island there are jungles. That's why it is better to reach the other side of the island by boat, as you can get lost in thicket.

See luminant plankton on a desert beach,

At moonless night on any deserted beaches of Koh Rong you can witness magnificent picture - luminant plankton. It seems like water along the coast is full of bright fireflies.

See luminant plankton on a desert beach,

How to do?

1. The only way to get to Koh Rong is to buy a boat ticket to Sihanoukville. Boats depart from Victory Beach and from the main trade port of the town. A return ticket costs about $15-20.
2. Boat arrives in the main quay of the island; on the left, you'll find the main populated part of the island, restaurants, bars, guesthouses; on the right, you can get to deserted beach.

3. Right here wait for plankton. The main thing is not to fall asleep just right after nightfall.

See luminant plankton on a desert beach,

4. Come into the sea and swim around the luminant magnificence.

Where to do?

#1Long Set beachLong Set beach

By day Long Set is usual wild beach with golden sand and turquoise sea, but by night it turns into fabulous place with millions of stars illuminating in the sea.


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