Cuisine Adventure in Phuket

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Cuisine Adventure

Region: Phuket, Thailand

Tour price (before discount): 1000 baht for adult and 1000 baht for child

If you haven't tasted national Thai dishes and exotic fruits, you learned nothing about this country.

It's a time to go off on a gastronomic journey, where an experienced guide will reveal you some culinary secrets. You will try out the true Thai gastronomic miracle — a ruby dessert, fried ice cream and Roti pancakes. You will learn how to choose the Yadong liqueur, which you can bring to your friends as a souvenir. Also, you will visit the night market where you could try fresh sugar cane, tasty fried insects, and learn how to choose the most delicious exotic fruits: sapodilla, durian, mangosteen.

This tour will allow you to save time in search for such Thai exotics. Also the experienced guide will teach you a few gastronomic lessons and pick up the perfect time and place for each adventure.

The cost of such a trip is 1000 Baht per person, excluding transportation and cost of purchased products. There is a 50% discount. This option is perfect if you have your own rented bike, or you go alone (then guide will take you on his bike). In case of the sufficient number of participants, the guide can rent a minivan that will cost 2,000 Baht for 5 hours.

Duration: 5 hours

Group: 1 to 8 people

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Tour program 1

Try durian
Kateryna Plakhotna Try durian#6 of 114 things to do

Durian is considered to be a «king of fruits», but be prepared for the stark dissonance between its pleasant taste and terrible smell.

How much: from 100 baht#fruits#food Phuket
Visit the night market
oddviser Visit the night market#24 of 114 things to do

You should see a large exotic Asian market and taste the local delicacies.

How much: free#markets#authentic#strolling#free Night market
Try fried ice cream
oddviser Try fried ice cream#31 of 114 things to do

In Phuket you can try out an unusual, but very tasty dessert that will impress any sweets lover.

How much: from 20 baht#ice-creams#unusual#cuisine Sam Kong Ice-cream Cafe
Try the roasted crickets
oddviser Try the roasted crickets#32 of 114 things to do

The dish for the bravest of the foodies — and a great snack for a glass of beer, surprisingly. Besides, this exotic food is rich in protein and calcium.

How much: price unknown#insects#unusual#cuisine#authentic Phuket
Try sugarcane fresh
oddviser Try sugarcane fresh#57 of 114 things to do

This unusual drink is not only tasty and useful, but also energizes you for the whole day.

How much: price unknown#drinks#cuisine Phuket
Try the ruby dessert
oddviser Try the ruby dessert#68 of 114 things to do

This is a wonderful replacement for conventional ice cream — the dessert is served cold, and looks like a real handful of precious stones.

How much: price unknown#desserts#cuisine Phuket
Try sapodilla
Кристина Нестеренко Try sapodilla#64 of 114 things to do

Because of the short-term storage period you can try out the tasty and healthy sapodilla only in tropical countries — do not miss this chance!

How much: from 40 baht#fruits#food Phuket
Try Yadong liquor
oddviser Try Yadong liquor#66 of 114 things to do

This is a very rare and exotic national Thai herb liqueur with a pleasant taste and aroma.

How much: price unknown#cuisine#adults#authentic Phuket
Try mangosteen
Кристина Нестеренко Try mangosteen#67 of 114 things to do

In addition to the stunning aesthetic and taste properties this delicious fruit has a high mineral elements content.

How much: from 35 baht#fruits#food Phuket
Try Thai Roti pancakes
Kateryna Plakhotna Try Thai Roti pancakes#106 of 114 things to do

Fruits wrapped in a fragrant freshly baked pancake and drenched with sweet sauce.

How much: price unknown#desserts#cuisine Phuket


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