Koh Samui things to do & places to visit

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Things to do on Koh Samui 8


Make a wish at the Big Buddha on Koh Samui
Cherry Make a wish at the Big Buddha#1 of 14 things to do on Koh Samui

Invoke luck, clean karma and make a wish at the statue of the Great Buddha – according to Thai beliefs it will certainly come true.

How much: free#temples#authentic#mystic#freeBig Buddha
Fly through the jungle on a cable on Koh Samui
Kateryna Plakhotna Fly through the jungle on a cable#2 of 14 things to do on Koh Samui

Do you like extreme activities and beautiful views from the heights? You should go for a cable ride through the jungle.

How much: from 1200 baht#ziplines#jungle#active#extreme#nature#attractions#selfieTreetop Tour Zipline
See the pink dolphins on Koh Samui
oddviser See the pink dolphins#3 of 14 things to do on Koh Samui

Hurry up to see an endangered mammal species — the beautiful pink dolphins, only a few of them left on the planet.

How much: price unknown#dolphins#unusual#animals#awwPink Dolphin Bay
Swim in Na Mueng 2 Waterfall on Koh Samui
Joan Naples Swim in Na Mueng 2 Waterfall#5 of 14 things to do on Koh Samui

You should definitely come here and take a swim in the 80-meter tall Na Muang 2 Waterfall.

How much: from 50 baht#waterfalls#active#free#nature#selfieNa Muang 2 Waterfall
Go for elephant trekking on Koh Samui
oddviser Go for elephant trekking#6 of 14 things to do on Koh Samui

The spacious jungle park is a perfect site for admiring scenic views and enjoying a diversity of entertainment.

How much: from 700 baht#elephants#active#authentic#animals#unusual#nature#selfieNamuang Safari Park
Watch Ladyboy Show on Koh Samui
Joan Naples Watch Ladyboy Show#7 of 14 things to do on Koh Samui

A Ladyboy show comprises both «decent» and sexually explicit performances.

How much: from 250 baht#transsexuals#shows#authentic#adults#culturalStarz Cabaret
25 25%Try SUP surfing on Koh Samui
oddviser Try SUP surfing#9 of 14 things to do on Koh Samui

Try SUP surfing — it presents an excellent opportunity to escape hustle and bustle and spend time enjoying the scenic coastline of the island.

How much: from 1600 baht#surfing#activeSamui Snookah Dive center
Try some lotus seeds on Koh Samui
klia balo Try some lotus seeds#11 of 14 things to do on Koh Samui

The secret of eternal youth and immortality is no longer a secret for the Thai people — turns out, they found the clue to this puzzle in lotus seeds.

How much: price unknown#lotus#healthKoh Samui
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Places to visit on Koh Samui 7


Big Buddha
Big Buddha#1 of 14 places to visit on Koh Samui

For the local residents, the statue of Big Buddha is the most sacred and revered place, with a deep religious background.

#statues#sightsKoh Samui
Treetop Tour Zipline
Treetop Tour Zipline#2 of 14 places to visit on Koh Samui

The longest cable ride in Samui (length 850 meters) runs through the jungle. It is composed of 11 segments.

#trolleys#activitiesKoh Samui
Pink Dolphin Bay
Pink Dolphin Bay#3 of 14 places to visit on Koh Samui

One of the last places in Thailand where you can still spot a rare endangered species of pink dolphins.

#baysKoh Samui
Na Muang 2 Waterfall
Na Muang 2 Waterfall#4 of 14 places to visit on Koh Samui

You can admire the magnificent view of the enormous Na Muang 2 waterfall for hours on end – for this beauty is 80-meter tall!

#waterfalls#sightsKoh Samui
Namuang Safari Park
Namuang Safari Park#5 of 14 places to visit on Koh Samui

The safari park constitutes an unusual sanctuary/zoo located right in the jungle.

#parks#zoosKoh Samui
Starz Cabaret
Starz Cabaret#7 of 14 places to visit on Koh Samui

The eccentric cabaret’s plain interior is fully compensated with its fiery mind-blowing shows.

#cabarets#theatersKoh Samui
Samui Snookah Dive center
Samui Snookah Dive center#9 of 14 places to visit on Koh Samui

Here they will offer you to engage in an unusual sport — the SUP surfing. They will brief you on the essentials and provide all the necessary equipment for spending a great time.

#diving-centers#sport-clubsKoh Samui

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