Pilot a Boeing 737 in Bangkok

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Pilot a Boeing 737

Place: Flight Experience center in Bangkok, Thailand

Is your heart longing for feats and your soul dying for a flight? Congratulations for being able to find your wings in Bangkok! And we mean it – the flight simulator Flight Experience will give you a chance to act as a pilot of a Boeing 737. The simulator has all the rights to be considered to even surpass those used by the students of flight schools. They can only dream of the level of realism achieved by the creators of Flight Experience through the amazing 3D renders and attention to minutest details.

Everything, from the plane’s interior to the flight personnel dressed in uniform, greatly enhances your feeling of a real flight! In half an hour you’ll manage to do two take-offs and two landings, and you get to choose the airport of departure yourself. From the opening seconds you’ll feel overwhelmed with emotions, especially if you’re not looking for an easy ride, but setting it up to simulate bad weather conditions or even venturing to land the aircraft during a pitch-dark snowfall!

Prices: The cost of the package depends on the chosen itinerary and weather conditions, the average price being 4550 baht for the first 30 minutes of the flight.

Location: Sibunruang Building 1 Convent Rd. Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok

Open hours: daily from 10:00 to 22:00

Phone: +6622379895‎

Official website: http://www.flightexperiencethailand.com/bangkok

Flight Experience center on the map

Flight Experience center
Flight Experience center#15 of 56 places to visit in Bangkok

Would you like to pilot a real Boeing? The Flight Experience simulator will give you this opportunity through an excellent 3D rendering!



Guest23 March 2017

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Feed a giraffe in Bangkok
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Try Pad Thai noodles in Bangkok
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10 10%Relax in a float chamber in Bangkok
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