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Place name: Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps are a set of steps in the center of Rome, Romans and travelers come here every evening. It has 138 steps that lead to the Spanish Square. The width of the steps on the ladder constantly changing, and there is the church of Trinita dei Monti at the top.

Close to the Spanish Steps popular brands placed their boutiques.

At Christmas, the ladder is transformed - it is decorated with festive ribbons and lights.

From the top of the stairs you will see the magnificent view of the city.

Region: Rome, Italy

Location: Piazza di Spagna

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Sit on the Spanish Steps in Rome
Cherry Sit on the Spanish Steps#21 of 38 things to do in Rome

In the evening, when the lights turn Rome into a kind of fairy tale, rise to the top of the Spanish steps and see how looks like Eternal City at night.

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