Cinecittà film studio in Rome

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Place name: Cinecittà film studio

Cinecittà Studios is a special place for every movie fan - «Italian Hollywood», the birthplace of Italian cinema. Here worked brilliant creators of cinema, here were filmed movies that received "Oscar", there still are the scenery that we have seen in our favourite films.

In the studio you can walk independently or take a guided tour. Here you can see the director's studio, which gives details of all the stages of the movie, to see how the recorded sound for movies and how the script turns into a movie.

All decorations to movies you can touch, they are made of polystyrene, though in appearance seem real. There are medieval buildings, and luxury buildings of the Roman Empire, and even the French streets here.

Region: Rome, Italy

Open hours: 9:30 am till 7:30 pm

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Guest24 March 2017

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