Richtis waterfall on Crete

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Place name: Richtis waterfall

Richtis waterfall hiding in the Richtis gorge, you can reach it, starting from the village of Exo Mouliana, or from the Richtis beach. In the first case you will have to go more than an hour, but the road will be easy and very pleasant. The hike to the waterfall from the beach entrance takes only about half an hour, but on the way you can meet dangerous areas.

You can reach the Richtis gorge by car, it is located 52 kilometers from Agios Nikolaos and 16 kilometers from Sitia. If you go on the road connecting the two cities, the closer to Sitia is a pointer in the direction of the village of Exo Mouliana. Here is the entrance to the Richtis gorge.

In the Richtis gorge is easy to navigate, there are pointers. You will find the jungle thickets, and open hills, and blooming gardens with scents of citrus trees.

Region: Crete, Greece

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Take a dip in the waterfall Richtis on Crete
Eugene Krasowski Take a dip in the waterfall Richtis#11 of 27 things to do on Crete

After a walk through the gorge Richtis it's time to plunge into the cool water, exposing yourself to the waterfall.

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Richtis waterfall on the map


Guest23 March 2017

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