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Crete is renowned for its olive oil. Here was found the oldest olive tree in the world, and the production of olive oil was even in ancient times, it was fixed in the Greek myths. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that all countries of the world buying only the Greek oil, because here it is especially tasty and good for health.

Olive oil helps get rid of many diseases, probably thats why the Greeks are famous for their good health :)

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Olive oil is divided into several varieties:
Extra virgin olive oil - the highest category, it is added in the Greek salad.
Fine virgin olive oil - oil first category, it is usually used to prepare vegetables.
You should pay attention on these varieties, they are produced without chemical extraction and quality is guaranteed.

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Olive oil production in Crete is engaged by large companies, and rural residents. In every village you can find the farm production, where you can buy, in addition to oil, soap from olive. It is believed that the oil and soap are the best souvenirs from Crete.

It is worth mentioning a unique place where the oil is produced by the monks - the monastery of Agia Triada, near the city of Chania. Near the monastery there is a small shop, where are various products from olives.

Best oil stored in a dark glass bottle. For transportation is suitable plastic bottle, but on arrival is required to pour the oil in a glass container.

When buying oil look at the date of manufacture. The freshest oil is the most tasty. The production date must not exceed 18 months.

Prices: €8 per liter, the highest category of oil (at the supermarket).

Tours & excursions 3

The Olive Oil Experience Tour
The Olive Oil Experience Tour

From harvesting to production in the olive mill, and from bottling to a guided olive oil tasting, you can try and learn about every aspect of the Cretan olive oil.

Price from 6 euros#cuisine#tours#greekoliveoil#cretanoliveoil#educational
Cretan Olive Oil Tasting - PRO mini seminar
Cretan Olive Oil Tasting - PRO mini seminar

The course is given by a professional in olive oil quality and tasting, with huge international experience in the sector.

Price from 65 euros#cuisine#educational#tours#greekoliveoil#cretanoliveoil
Friendly Olive Tour
Friendly Olive Tour

You will have a guided tour to the original Vassilakis family olive press and the new modern olive press and have a chance to get know about all of the olive production stages.

Price free#tours#educational

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