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Master flyboarding in Dubai

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Master flyboarding

Do you like extreme attractions? Master flyboarding! You will get extreme impressions and emotions. Flyboarding is a trendy entertainment offered by sea resorts. Despite its recent invention (in 2011) flyboarding, it gains popularity at mind-boggling rate.

To put it simple, flyboarding is riding a special board connected with water jet propeller of wave runner by a flexible hose. There are rail handles for hands, which you can use to control the super board. 7-atmosphere pressure head will go out of the board’s holes thus literally allowing a flying up to 10 meters, make tricks of all kinds or swim in waves like a dolphin.

Get the equipment, listen to the briefing and get start. Flyboarding is absolutely safe and the worst thing that can happen with a novice is falling to water. However, no need to worry, the instructor will always be ready to support.

Prices: Training cost: AED 300 for 30 minutes per trainee, AED 500 for 60 minutes per trainee

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Guest23 March 2017
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<a href=https://goo.gl/12qw85>Узнать подробнее:</a> https://goo.gl/12qw85
Guest27 February 2017И правильно – всегда хорошо, когда есть, о чем почитать – на самые разные темы.
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